tons of processed landfill

Crisolteq Ltd offers an innovative solution for efficiently recovering valuable metal components in situ from
various metal-containing side or waste streams in metallurgical, mining and chemical industries, and turning
these into value added chemicals . The secondary raw materials are turned into sellable products for various industries.

Crisolteq’s business is built around industrial symbiosis and co-operation with companies where industrial lateral flow and waste are processed on-site to take advantage of the raw materials present in these flows. Crisolteq’s full recovery service concept is based on the combination of known hydrometallurgical processes with novel technologies in a cost-efficient way. Each recovery process is designed to be resource-efficient with:

  • All steps in the treatment and recovery process being optimized for the subsequent steps
  • No additional waste being generated during the treatment process
  • Each material stream being usable as such
  • The whole process being optimized to customer requirements

CrisolteQ Ltd was founded by Dr. Kenneth Ekman in 2005. CrisolteQ started its operations in co-operation with OMG Kokkola Chemicals at Kokkola Industrial Park. Due to capacity constraints it moved its operations to Harjavalta in 2013. HQ and production facilities at Harjavalta Industrial Park and laboratory in Raisio Smart Chemistry Park®. Our first on-site reclamation service plant started its operations in Tornio, Finland in 2017.

Crisolteq employees 20 enthusiastic individuals with different backgrounds. Focused organization and unique R&D capabilities with emphasize on efficient use of the small staff of experts in combination with close co-operation with universities, institutes, suppliers and customers to ensure cost efficient and cutting edge know-how.